360data Systems™

A singular solution for seamless integration

Streamline communication and collaboration across platforms and throughout your trading community. More powerful and flexible than traditional VAN providers, our cloud-based collaborative solution can effortlessly meet your needs for a complete EDI platform for 3PLs… or provide a complementary solution that unifies existing systems into a single working environment.

Seamless system connectivity

With 360data® at the center of your trading community, data mapping only occurs once. We then create data maps to all your trading partners – building a broader community of users to streamline communication and collaboration.

The 360data team implements and supports the B2B integrator software, making it easy to onboard new business partners. These business partners can include customers, suppliers and carriers.

  • Complete cross-platform integration
  • Automatically maps to your format without external software
  • Translates & integrates data through a single hub
  • Creates economies of scale across a broader user community

Unsurpassed flexibility

From electronic communications such as EDI, XML and proprietary ERP's, to personal communications like email, spreadsheets, PDF and text formats, the 360data solution offers unsurpassed flexibility to translate and manipulate data from your trading community, utilizing it according to your own business rules.

  • Flexible inbound/outbound mapping meets unique format needs
  • Provides complete visibility to all your data

Integrate new & legacy systems

Experience full integration between 360data software and your current warehouse, transportation or order management systems. The solution is fully customizable to your business needs and allows you to easily add supplemental software: for example, you can pair the 360data B2B solution with another provider's warehouse management system.

Actionable business intelligence

Going beyond simple translation and transmission, 360data analyzes incoming data to deliver actionable intelligence. Our proprietary process, which we call the "Five I's" – Integration, Integrity, Interpretation, Interrogation, Information – efficiently identifies and delivers the information you need.

  • 18-point logic interrogation performs sequential queries to match orders to reference numbers, minimizing manual processing
  • Allows you to focus on exceptions, rather than daily operations

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  • Any-to-any translation & one-to-many mapping
  • Supports all major transmission protocols & file formats
  • Connects new & legacy systems with a virtual ERP
  • Real-time data collaboration
  • Customizable dashboards
  • Smart data mapping & sophisticated data cleansing
  • Smart carbon copies
  • Detailed document tracking


Top 5 reasons to choose 360data B2B Integrator

  1. Meets dual needs for a complete collaborative solution, or maximizing value of existing investment
  2. Ensures full visibility & distribution across formats
  3. Minimizes manual processing
  4. Virtually no infrastructure costs
  5. Competitive, usage-based transaction costs

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These frequently used enterprise systems are just a few of the systems we can support.Applications

+-File Types

Custom Flat-File


Email (with attachments)


Maps to all EDI transaction sets, including:
204 Motor Carrier Load Tender
990 Confirm that 204 Received
214 Motor Carrier Status Update
210 Motor Carrier Freight Details & Invoice
753 Request for Routing
754 Routing Instructions
850 Purchase Order
810 Invoice
997 Functional Acknowledgment


+-Content-Based Routing

360data can route files based not only on transaction type, but also on data content. In the example below, Customer 1 submits a purchase order for goods and 360data translates the PO into the client's format. In this case, the PO also applies to a specific Ship To location. The system sends a second copy to the 3PL warehouse servicing that location.

Customer 2 also submits a purchase order. In this case, the Product ID matches a special promotion that requires customized packaging. The PO is routed to the appropriate third-party supplier who is handling the promotion fulfillment.

+-Data Cleansing

360data performs sophisticated data cleansing to process information other programs can't. This is especially useful when 360data is utilized with existing software. In this example, Carrier 1 sends a freight bill with incomplete information. Perhaps it includes the Bill of Lading or PRO, rather than the Shipment ID. Or perhaps the carrier includes accessorial codes that the existing TMS can't process. 360data uses sophisticated algorithms to match the bill to the shipment, cross-referencing the billing codes. Once matched and mapped, a clean freight bill is sent through to the client's TMS. In cases where a match can't be found, the data enters an exception queue, where the client can view and resolve the issue or send a rejection to the carrier.

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